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Thank you for all of the incredible work over at D&G Artistry.  You help make us look great! - Dogwood Crew

Welcome to D&G Photography and Graphic Design, we're glad you stopped by!  Sit back, enjoy and explore our site.

Dave and I met and served together in the U.S. Navy for a little over 10 years.  As Mass Communication Specialist, we discovered we shared a passion for beautiful photography and design, especially that which focused on families.  During our time in service, we were blessed to be able to take pictures of interesting events and fantastic people.

We believe everyone we photograph has a unique story to tell and we are so very grateful to share in their lives. For Dave and me, there is such an amazing feeling every time we step behind the camera – we just know something wonderful is about to happen.

The way we see it, if we can spend the rest of our lives capturing and sharing the special moments of people’s lives, whether it be with a simple photo or a compelling graphic design, then that is what we will do!  From your baby’s very first cry to their wedding day, from a birth announcement to a wedding invitation... we want to help you capture the magic of those moments.

We look forward to meeting you and your family.  So if this is your first time with us or you're coming back for more, we thank you and want you to know we appreciate your faith in us.  Welcome to the family!