Middle Ground Farm

Middle Ground Farm


Farmer Dan is the Man!  All around pro is great at everything but Turkey necks!

So why “Middle Ground” if we strive to provide the best? Doesn't that sound like a name for compromise? Fair question.

One Saturday morning over coffee, after months of discarded names, Meg and I had an epiphany. We both came from the corporate world; I had hung up my shirt and tie and traded them in for jeans and boots to get dirt under my fingernails and back to basics. Meg forged ahead, doing what she loved and supporting my ambition to provide the best food possible for our family. Getting your hands dirty every day, growing things and working with animals is pretty much the polar opposite of the corporate world. Neither of us grew up on a farm, but we decided to completely change our lifestyle and become more self-sufficient by means of building a homestead.

We live in two different worlds during the day. But when we are together as a family on our farm, we are on Middle Ground. The compromise is in our work lives, not in what we produce.